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About Us

International Indian School, Tabuk founded in 1989 with 11 students and 3 teachers in a small room. The objective of establishing the school was to impart quality education, on a no-profit no-loss basis, primarily to the Indian citizens. It made a very humble beginning with limited staff & infrastructure facilities on a makeshift accommodation. With the blessing of the Almighty God and constant efforts put in by all well-wishers, the school has expanded in a phenomenal manner; Today the strength is 1300 students, 85 teachers, 18 non-teaching staff. Now the school has three separate buildings for the Boys, Girls and Primary section with the Labs for Chemistry, Physics, Biology,Computer science, Home Science, Audio Visual Rooms with all modern gadgets, Libraries for Boys and Girls with large number of books selected suitable for the different  age groups, facilities for various indoor and outdoor games, sports. The Managing Committee elected by the Indian parents, under the patronage of H.E. Ambassador of India and the active co-operation of the Directorate, Ministry of Education, Tabuk, k.S.A. governs the institution, and the managing committee lays down broad policies and guidelines of the school leaving the principal and the staff to conduct day to day affairs of the school.

IIS Tabuk is the only CBSE affiliated Higher Secondary School in the North Western Province of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which covers almost 800 KM. It has both Science and Commerce streams. The school offers education facilities at the pre-primary, primary, secondary and senior secondary levels. It could be proudly said that IIS Tabuk has the best infrastructure to serve the educational facilities for Indian and 25 other nationality students on a no-loss no-profit basis. Value Education, Morning Assemblies, CCA activities, etc. are organized for all students to inculcate desirable and positive values among them. IIS Tabuk students have excelled and achieved high recognition in academic as well as various extracurricular activities..

Tabuk History

Tabuk is situated in northwestern Saudi Arabia, Tabuk is the provincial capital and headquarters of the Governor of the Tabuk region, local councils, and branches of various governmental departments. The city is spread over an area of 104,000 square kilometers. The region's ancient history dates back to 1500 BC. It is believed that the region of Tabuk was the land of Madyan and Dadan mentioned in the Holy Books. It was known by the name Taboo when, with the town of Al Ola, it was the capital a prosperous state in the region. During the prosperous Saudi era, Tabuk has become famous for its agricultural products, particularly flowers. The region's flower exports to Europe include gladiola, lilies, and statices. Currently, it is Saudi Arabia's leading producer of grapes and wheat. Tabuk's historic monuments include the mosque in which the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, performed his prayers during the battle of Tabuk. There is also the Tabuk fortress and the Hijaz Railway Station (the line which linked Al Madinah Al Munawarrah with Damascus during the Ottoman Era). Al Bidaa is an important archeological town of glorious history. Its rich civilization is reflected in the numerous caves carved in the mountain. There are also important archeological sites in Al Khuraibah, Rawwafa, Al Muwailih, Al Muzim, and Taima. These include historic palaces and fortresses, wells, resting places, and water wells.